Hofs, Matthias & M. Janz English Concert, An

Trumpet Soloist Artist Recording/CD

  • English Concert, An

    Matthias Hofs, trumpet and Matthias Janz, organ. Superb album featuring 25 tracks of voluntaries, song tunes and old English dances. Composers include Byrd, Bull, Johnson, Holborne, Kennedy, Farnaby, Maston, Handel, Monro, Woodcock, Boyce, Stanley, Stubley and of course, Anonymous.

    Contents: ANONYMOUS Greensleeves To A Ground, from The Division Flute; The Loving Fearful Nymph; The Meeting In The Morning; The Judgement of Paris JOHN BASTON Concert No. 2 D-Dur, Allegro-Adagio-Presto; BOYCE Trumpet Voluntary No.1, D-Dur; FARNABY TheOld Spagnoletta; A Toye (6 variations); HANDEL The Address To Sylvia; Sonate G-Dur, Op.1, No.5 Adagio-Allegro-Adagio-Bourr‚e-Menuetto-Bourr‚e Da Capo; ROBERT JOHNSON The Fairy Masque; HOLBORNE Galliard, Heigh Ho Holiday; GEORGE MONRO Parents, Ancient and Modern; JOHN STANLEY Sonate No. G-Dur, Adagio-Allegro-Menuett with 3 Variations ; Trumpet Voluntary D-Dur, Op., No.5; SIMON STUBLEY Trumpet Voluntary, C- Dur; WILLIAM TURNER On Mira?s Singing and Beauty; ROBERT WOODCOCK Concert No.3 D-Dur, Allegro-Siciliano-Vivace.

    ORGAN SOLOS: ANONYMOUS Alman; JOHN BULL A Gig - Doctor Bull's Myself; BYRD A Gigg; FARNABY The New Sa-Hoo ; SERGEANT MAJOR KENNEDY Corrant; JOHN STANLEY 2 Adagios.

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