Gabrieli, Giovanni (Marlatt) Canzona Septimi Toni No 2 (1597), Ch.172

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  • Gabrieli, Giovanni (Marlatt)

    Canzona Septimi Toni No 2 (1597), Ch.172 (Marlatt)

    Renaissance. There have been many recordings of the famous Gabrieli canzoni for various combinations of brass and woodwind instruments. Several of these canzons have been arranged for a like-instrument ensemble. Antiphonal spacing is always a successful performance practice allowing the passing of melodic material to be enhanced by the spatial distance. This arrangement is for 8 trumpets. 3:20 -the publisher

    Score and parts. Also known as Canzona (Canzon, Canzone) per Sonare (Sonar, Sonari) Septimi Toni a8 No 2. From the collection Sacrae Symphoniae of 1597. Opening statement is Sol-Sol-Sol-Fa-Re. In the seventh (Mixolydian) mode.

    NOTE: This is the *second* "Canzona Septimi Toni," but the *third* work entitled "Canzona" in the volume Sacrae Symphoniae. It is therefore known both as "Canzona Septimi Toni No 2" and also "Canzona III." -cdp

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