Stravinsky, Igor (Hoffmann) Rite of Spring, The

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  • Stravinsky, Igor (Hoffmann)

    Rite of Spring, The (Hoffmann)

    20th Century. From Balquhidder: "It is hard to believe that the Rite of Spring is one hundred years old. More than any other piece in the 20th Century it seems never to age. Those of us fortunate enough to have performed the piece often seem to have it engraved in our psyches. It's something that just doesn't let go.

    "In what would at first seem an impossible task, Ed Hoffman has made a brilliant synopsis of the piece that is playable by two trumpets. Of course, some things are missing but you will surprised at how well this duet calls up the music in all its mysteryand feral energy. And you are free to add to it and make a small ad hoc ensemble to intensify your recital experience." For advanced performers. -the publisher

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