Reskin, Charles Advanced Trumpet Outings v.1 - Studies & Duets

Trumpet Studies & Etudes

  • Reskin, Charles

    Advanced Trumpet Outings v.1 - Studies & Duets

    A freelance musician must deal with and adapt him/herself to a great variety of musical styles. One might have a brass quintet concert in the morning, a big band rehearsal in the afternoon and a symphony concert in the evening. Variety is the spice of a musician's life and sharpens his/her curiosity. Thus, musical diversity is one of the foundations of this work. These original studies range from salsa to jazz, from the romantic style of Richard Strauss to the film music of John Williams. Though many ofthese studies address specific technical aspects of trumpet playing, they are mainly intended to provide musically enjoyable ®outings¯ for the advanced trumpeter. They may also be used as recital pieces. Feel free to use different trumpets and mutes - the main point is to have fun! -the publisher

    Solos included: Divertimento; Soliloquy; A la Hindemith 1 & 2; Caprice; Phantom Notes; Yellowstone Travelogue - 50's Vintage 11; Essay; Scherzino; A la Richard Strauss; Monologue; Alternating Valve Combinations; A Kodaly Moment; Daybreak Invocation: TheOutback; Deciso; The Kumba.

    Duets included: Fanfare; Leapfrog; Outings in Kyoto; Gossip; A la John Williams; Outing in Andalucia; Eyewitness News; Hunting Party; Salsamente; A la "Mikrokosmos"; Odd Couple; Two Much; Pontifical Fanfare.

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