Neruda, Johann Baptist Georg (Sommerhalder) Concerto in Eb

Trumpet Solos w/Strings

  • Neruda, Johann Baptist Georg (Sommerhalder)

    Concerto in Eb (Sommerhalder) [trumpet/horn in Bb or Eb]

    Baroque. For trumpet or horn, strings & basso continuo. In concert E-flat. Solo parts for trumpet in Bb/high horn in Bb, and trumpet in Eb included, plus strings & 2 full scores. Keyboard plays from the second score. For a matching piano reduction, see item 109908.

    If you are looking for an alternative to the Haydn and Hummel trumpet concertos, The Neruda Concerto in three movements may be the perfect choice. Tuneful classical melodies, technical fingering challenges which lie well under the fingers, ornamentation, and extended cadenzas in each movement which give the performer further opportunity to be expressive and interpretive. Bb trumpet part range from low G below the staff to high C above. -pc

    (Bb solo part sample page)
    (Eb solo part sample page)

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