Friedman, Stanley Hommage a Theo Charlier

Trumpet Solos w/Piano

  • Friedman, Stanley

    Hommage a Theo Charlier [trumpet in C & Bb]

    Theo Charlier's Thirty-six Etudes Trancendantes has been a favorite collection among trumpeters for over one hundred years. Now Stanley Friedman takes on the challenge of creating piano accompaniments for several of these etudes. Contains: Etude 4 (Du Style); Etude 2 (Du Style); Etude 11 (Fantasie); Etude 12 (Etude Moderne). Solo part for Bb and C trumpets is the same. Two piano parts included to be used with either Bb or C trumpet soloist. Sample piano part below is the part to be played with Bb trumpet. - the publisher.

    (piano part sample pages)

    (solo part sample pages)

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