Davison, John Sonata

Trumpet Solos w/Piano

  • Davison, John


    20th Century (1990). John Davison's Sonata for Trumpet and Piano is a dynamic, lyrical, brilliant and heartfelt work. It is in the traditional three-movement fast-slow-fast format with the piano part playing an integral role.

    •  Movement 1, Allegro non troppo is melodic and rhythmic with a bouncy syncopated style.
    •  Movement 2, Andantino has lyrical and tender moments, and also a haunting muted section.
    •  Movement 3, Allegro is in multi-meter, full of dance-like, rhythmic and syncopated sections.

    The 16 minute work is appropriate for advanced performers and can be the major work on a recital. -the publisher

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