Maganini, Quinto Tuolumne - A California Rhapsody

Trumpet Solos w/Piano

  • Maganini, Quinto

    Tuolumne - A California Rhapsody

    20th Century (1960). Tuolumne, an American Indian word meaning "Land of Many Waters," is the name of the country in which lies the Yosemite Valley. In this music the composer has sought to express the moods and reveries inspired by that land of lofty sierras, giant sequoias and mountain torrents, haunted by memories of the indigenous peoples that dwell there no longer. He has endeavoured to suggest the sound of the wind among the firs, the murmur of rushing water, the song of birds; and at one point--just at the climax of the piece--he reproduces the reverberation of a rifle shot echoing among the gorges, followed by a brief ominous passage suggestive of the grim summons of death. There is nothing further of a definitely programmatic nature. The pastoral mood, with its tincture of melancholy for the vanished past, returns, and the work ends quietly as the trumpet melody, like an Indian lament, dies away in the distance. Piano reduction by the composer of a work originally for trumpet and orchestra. -the publisher

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