Pryor, Arthur (Wilkinson) Annie Laurie

Trombone Solos w/Piano

  • Pryor, Arthur (Wilkinson)

    Annie Laurie (Wilkinson)

    19th Century. American. Edited by Keith Wilkinson. Popular Theme & Variations solo. Key of Eb concert. All bass clef. For a matching version with brass band accompaniment, see item 010242. Includes both bass clef and Bb treble clef parts (for performanceon euphonium).

    This edition is somewhat more challenging than earlier published editions in that it adds an additional fast variation. It also omits a Maestoso variation found in earlier editions. This edition features many sensible edits, mainly slurs and staccatos, to help the performer play in the proper style.

    The Theme is presented immediately after the opening exposition and cadenza without a piano introduction (as found on other older editions). Variation I, marked Allegro Commodo, proceeds after a seven bar rest and features triplet runs. Unlike earlier editions, the opening duple figure for each run is also tripletized instead of being a dotted eighth-sixteenth figure. This writer does not know the reason or the authenticity of such an edit, but concludes that it is possibly an admission that common practice performance would result in a tripletized interpretation regardless of the printed ink. Variation III, also Allegro Commodo, is one of running sixteenth notes, and corresponds to the final Variation in earlier published editions. It is similar though not exact, with differences having to do more with written ornamentation than anything else. A final Variation IV is also a sixteenth note affair, more linear and more readily able to be executed at a higher tempo, even though it too is labeled Allegro Commodo. No final Cadenza is included, but it would be possible for the player to insert one if desired, prior to the final three bar figure which ends on a high Eb (optional Bb). -cdp

    •  Exposition & Cadenza
    •  Theme
    •  Variation I (triplet)
    •  Variation II (16ths with leaps)
    •  Variation III (16ths, more linear)
    •  Coda

    (bass celf & Bb treble clef solo sample pages)

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