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  • Walker, John (Reynolds)

    Trumpet in the Attic, The, w/Audio (Reynolds)

    20 Short Recital and Study Pieces for the Intermediate Player. Based on the cinematic idea of a curious child climbing up to the attic and discovering a jumble of boxes, trunks, old clothes, and a long neglected instrument, this collection of short recital and study pieces evokes the spirit of musical discovery. Composed by John Walker, these new pieces are specially designed for the intermediate-level musician. Available for Violin, Flute, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Trumpet, and Trombone. CD contains mp3 audio plus printable pdf piano accompaniments. Movements entitled: Rose Colored Glasses; Robot Boy; Last Dance; Bus Ride in Budapest; Skiing; Monster Mask; Army Cap; Alone in the Attic; Crystal Ornament; Father's First Invention; Little Rondeau; Ghost in the Window; Ticket to California; Ship in a Bottle; On a Black Hills Trail; Hurry, Run!; The Swashbuckler; Postcard from Yellowstone, 1910; Moth Ball. -the publisher

    (Rose Colored Glasses)
    (Bus Ride in Budapest)
    (Monster Mask)
    (Alone in the Attic)
    (Moth Ball)

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