Stephenson, James Stalwart Hands

Trumpet Solos w/Piano

  • Stephenson, James

    Stalwart Hands [trumpet in C]

    21st Century (2013). Commissioned by Bruce and Karen Galbraith in memory of Roger and Mary Jane Jacobi. Premiered by John Aley, trumpet and Martha Fischer, piano in Kresge Hall, Interlochen, MI 2013

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    In 2013, I was asked by Bruce Galbraith to write a work in memory of Roger and Mary Jane Jacobi. Bruce had been my director when I attended the Interlochen Arts Academy, and Roger & Mary Jane president and “first lady” of Interlochen almost my entire time there. Roger was a trumpet player, and Mary Jane a pianist, so the piece had to be, of course, for trumpet and piano. Furthermore, they had moved to Naples when they retired, and I got to speak with them (mostly about trumpet!) on many occasions during my time in the orchestra there.

    When asked what about them inspired me in writing the piece, I responded as follows: I decided to echo much of what the Jacobis and Interlochen represented for me: Stalwart Hands: a. symbolizing what strength the Jacobis had in running Interlochen; b. the annual hand-shakes at the Maddy cabin (which is how I first met them); c. hands very much needed to play both piano and trumpet!

    Musical references to both “O Sound the Call” and “Call to Quarters” – bugle calls always played at Interlochen – (and a subtle taps) symbolizing that we are now, in essence, with this memorial, calling them to their resting place in our memories at Interlochen. Plus, I ALWAYS had to play “Call to Quarters” and “Taps”! Equal parts for both players symbolizing how they both were equal and very important figures at Interlochen. -the publisher

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