Michel, Jean-Francois Promenades Musicales

Trumpet Solos w/Piano

  • Michel, Jean-Francois

    Promenades Musicales [1 or 2 trumpets & piano]

    21st Century (2013). The first three of the charming five "Promenades Musicales" by Jean-Fran‡ois Michel are cleverly written for one trumpet and keyboard, while the last two are for two trumpets and piano (the 2nd trumpet part can be played by a similarpitched Bb instrument, i.e. clarinet). This album has several objectives: developing the musical sense and imagination of beginners, training them to coordinate with accompaniments (respecting the musical texts and developing a certain flexibility regarding rhythm and note values, articulations, rests, and empty bars to count) while familiarizing them with indications of tempi, rallentandi, accelerandi, dynamic variations and/or repeat signs. And all of these musical values are presented within the context of pleasant, easy-to-play trumpet parts. The piano part has also been conceived to familiarize young pianists with the role of accompanist (or to allow instrumental teachers or parents with elementary keyboard technique to play with their students or children). -the publisher

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