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Trumpet Solos w/Piano

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    Tramway Vienna - Bratislava

    21st Century (2007). When I first came to Vienna in 1976 I found myself in the easternmost city of Europe with a slightly sleepy Balkan flair. The idea of traveling had not entered the consciousness of the natives, most of whom had only vaguely heard of the Austrian provincial capitals, not to speak of neighboring cities like Budapest and Prague. The Austrian Federal Railway contributed to this state of affairs, although things had formerly been very different: at the turn of the 20th century there had even been a streetcar connecting Vienna and Bratislava, two capitals which are separated by only 60 kilometers which today can be covered in under an hour by Danube express ship. But still they are so far apart from each other in the inhabitants' consciousness. This is why the excellent Slovak ice hockey players have moved to the USA and not to the Vienna ice hockey club. This move, however, was impossible for the just-as-good (jazz) musicians. It is only very recently that these incredibly talented Slovak jazz musicians have garnered some attention here; and they have one thing in common: all of them boast a perfect education, and all of them feel musically at home everywhere. So, for example, trumpeter Juraj Bartos, an eminent authority in baroque music, in classical contemporary music as well as in traditional and modern jazz styles. Or, apart from many others, young musicians Roman and Franz Janoska, both of whom are classical and jazz performers of the highest level and thus embody the future of which Friedrich Gulda had dreamed.

    I have written this piece in 2007 for Juraj Bartos; our agreement having been that I really challenge him. A technically very demanding piece - the many mute changes alone are difficult, and the final section reaches dizzy heights. All in all, difficulty level eleven on a scale of ten - that's why I wish you lots of fun. -the publisher

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