Torelli, Giuseppe (Ardovino) Sinfonia con Tromba, G.10

Trumpet Solos w/Piano

  • Torelli, Giuseppe (Ardovino)

    Sinfonia con Tromba, G.10 (Ardovino)

    Baroque. Bb & C solo parts included. Appropriate for performance on piccolo trumpet. Arranger Joseph Ardovino says, "The sinfonias of Giuseppe Torelli are sonata-like in conception. The form of most of the movements in the typical Bolognese trumpet sonata is rudimentary, the organizing principle of concertato being textural rather than thematic or even tonal... In fact, Torelli is considered to be a pioneer in the use of fugal technique for its architectural rather than its contrapuntal properties... In some of his earlier works, Torelli maintained the fast-slow-fast tempo pattern with four distinct movements, but by the time of this Sinfonia, the slow first movement had been virtually abandoned... This offers a modern performance edition of an important piece from one of the most prolific collections of trumpet music."

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