Plog, Anthony Sonata (2010)

Trumpet Solos w/Piano

  • Plog, Anthony

    Sonata (2010) [C trumpet]

    21st Century (2010). After it's premier performance by Ray and Jeanne Sasaki, I waited approximately seven years to revise this Sonata for trumpet and piano. The playing of Ray and Jeanne was all a composer could hope for, but I felt as though the piece needed a lot of work before it could be published. I think that waiting such a long time before doing the final revisions on the piece enabled me to decide in which direction I needed to go with some of the main ideas and themes. But the basic structureof the piece remains as it was with the first performance - a celebratory first movement which ends quietly, a somber, lonely and introverted second movement, a playful third movement which uses celeste instead of piano to provide a color contrast, and an energetic allegro molto as a final movement. -the composer Duration: 15 minutes.

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