Reskin, Charles Sonata (2007)

Trumpet Solos w/Piano

  • Reskin, Charles

    Sonata (2007)

    i21st Century. American composer. For trumpet doubling flugelhorn in second movement. The sonata was inspired in part by the American music, both classical and jazz, of the mid-20th century, and is an homage to the composers of that era The two outer movements are written for Trumpet in C, and follow the general formal structure of a sonata The first movement is in sonata-allegro form, contrasting a lyrical first theme with an agitated and chaotic second theme group. The middle movement is written for the flgelhorn, and is in the form of a very simple lullabye melody which evolves into a kind of dream episode in a lively jazz-fusion style before gradually returning to the tranquil mood of the opening. The third movement is a spirited, light-hearted rondo which conjures up images of the American West The Sonata is dedicated to the memory of my teachers, Hall Overton and William Vacchiano. -Charles Reskin

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