Wilson, Dana Leader Lieder

Trumpet Solos w/Piano

  • Wilson, Dana

    Leader Lieder [trumpet in C]

    21st Century. Includes detailed text describing the leadership roll of the trumpet since the time of the ancient Egyptians, through the Renaissance and beyond.

    "Its clear and forthright sound has announced the presence of nobility, suggesting physical strength as well as strength of character. Good leadership is in large part the art of leading us in a better direction while we have a sense that our own wishes are being fulfilled and our needs met. Particularly in times of crises, we turn to our leaders to inspire us to act nobly and firmly, to direct our grieving, and to respond to our needs. This concerto is an exploration of these relationships, with the trumpet soloist in the role of the leader. " - the composer

    Features extended glissandi, variety of tempi and moods, cup mute, plunger mute effects, some prepared piano effects (rubber eraser between placed between certain strings), cadenzas, intricate rhythms, and full range of the trumpet. Movements are entitled: Lighting the Way; Consoling; Responding. -pc

    Leader Lieder was was premiered July 2002 at the ITG Conference (Manchester) as a trumpet and winds version. There is also a version for trumpet and strings first heard in Xiamen, China. Includes Recording. Duration: 17:00 minutes.

    (Lighting the Way)

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