Kincaid, Rachel Loss

Trumpet Solos w/Piano

  • Kincaid, Rachel


    21st Century. "Loss" is about a person who suffers a devastating loss. The first movement opens with harsh, dissonant chords in the piano, which are quickly replaced by a haunting melodic statement in the right hand. This contrast of harsh chords and melodic statements continues throughout the movement. "Inner Turmoil", the second movement, is when the person attempts to take back control of his or her emotions. The opening melody is tense, and uncomfortable. The conflict between the trumpet and piano in style and rhythm signifies the battle between the mind and heart. The movement ends with both instruments on the same rhythmic statement-they are finally in agreement. The first part of the third movement (Resolve) is about the person rationallystating, out in the open, the immense sadness they are feeling with soft, emotion-filled melodic statements in first the piano and then the trumpet. The ending material is more optimistic than the beginning material in this movement, but the person has by no means left behind the sadness of the beginning; they are just beginning to come to terms with it. --Rachel Kincaid

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