Turrin, Joseph Miniatures (4)

Trumpet Solos w/Piano

  • Turrin, Joseph

    Miniatures (4) [optional for flugelhorn]

    20th Century (2000). Collection of short movements, all very distinct yet tied together in various ways. The first movement Fanfare mixes the elements of a trumpet fanfare with a more lyrical quality. Haunting echoes and short repeated musical phrases are interspersed throughout. Intermezzo is a waltz with running eighth notes in the piano over which the trumpet sings a long sensual melody. Canto is rather free in form with much dialogue between both instruments. There is a lofty transparent quality in the movement that reminds the composer of the Chopin Nocturnes for piano. Tarantella is a quick six-eight romp that passes ideas between the two players and brings the suite to a joyful conclusion. - the composer

    For Bb or C trumpet. Flugelhorn part is optional. Variety of metrical changes, and rhythmic combinations. Range is from Bb below the staff to C above. Straight mute required. -pc

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