Turrin, Joseph Intrada

Trumpet Solos w/Piano

  • Turrin, Joseph

    Intrada [trumpet in C]

    20th Century (1988). Intrada was written for Philip Smith. "Consisting of several contrasting sections, it is," Mr. Turrin says, "a characteristically energetic statement, built around a recurrent fanfare motif which provides the material for even the most melodically expressive episodes. Superficially, there seems to be a great deal of variety. Closer inspection, however, shows the music to be in basic ABA form, with an off-beat blues feel to some of the writing, and, towards the close, a kind of jazzy scat line for trumpet over a walking string bass impression from piano. Scattered throughout are small (accompanied) cadenzas for the soloist, tying different sections together. The last cadenza is the climax of the work. It's followed by a quiet paragraph (a "mysteriously" haunting trumpet tune above a pedalled piano ostinato, varied from an earlier passage near the beginning) which fades to almost nothing before picking up memntum into a headlong coda, presto.

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