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Trumpet Solos w/Piano

  • Turrin, Joseph

    Episodes (3) [trumpet and/or flugelhorn]

    21st Century (2001). I wrote "Three Episodes" for a recording project Phil Smith and I were doing for the International Trumpet Guild in 2001. Although I never gave the individual movements any titles - the first movement is basically a fanfare build on a series of pyramids in the piano along with declamatory trumpet writing. The second movement is very much like a lullaby, played on either the flugelhorn or trumpet. This is a song like piece with a middle section juxtaposing trumpet cadenzas with soft clusters in the piano. The third movement is basically a march with several contrasting sections. The intent of this...project was to give a good example of pieces that a fairly competent trumpet student could find playable and interesting. --Joseph Turrin

    If you are looking for a sophisticated piece with intermediate technical demands, this piece could be just the right fit. Range up to Bb above the staff, asymmetrical meters, quick switches between simple and complex subdivisions, extended cadenza, variety of tempos and moods. -pc

    (mvt. I)
    (mvt. II)
    (mvt. III)

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