Erb, Donald (Spencer) Sonatina

Trumpet Solos w/Piano

  • Erb, Donald (Spencer)

    Sonatina (Spencer)

    20th Century (1954). The first movement marked Allegretto Grazioso features a lilting waltz melody in 3/8, and quirky 32nd-note fragments in the second melodic section. Adagio Cantabile includes long lyrical phrases that reach a dramatic impact at the end of this middle movement. Final movement is in ABA form, begins and ends with a Presto in 9/8, and is contrasted by a brief, slow lyrical melody harkening back to the Adagio Cantabile of the middle movement. Asymmetrical meters, glissandi, chromaticism, straight mute required, and range from B below the staff to high C above. -pc
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