Knight, Edward Sonata Through Salt-Rimmed Glasses

Trumpet Solos w/Piano

  • Knight, Edward

    Sonata Through Salt-Rimmed Glasses

    21st Century (2006). A unique advanced sonata in 3 diverse movements: Tequila Sunset; Once Upon A Time; The Worm At The Bottom Of The Bottle. Written for trumpet in C and flugelhorn in Bb. Ideal for the versatile player who enjoys performing a varietyof musical styles. Tempo indications give a hint of this variety: "Jauntily", "Relaxing", "Clouded, Foggy", "Drunkenly- trying to find the beat", "Searching", and "dramatic Mariachi style". Moderate range exploring primarily the low and mid registers,but does extend to high B above the staff. Rapid articulated passages in the low register, frequent metrical and tempo changes with opportunity for rubato. Straight mute, cup mute required and optional solo tone mute.

    (Tequila Sunset)
    (Once Upon A Time)
    (The Worm - sample 1)
    (The Worm - sample 2)

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