Arban, Jean-Baptiste (Pichaureau) Characteristic Etudes (7)

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  • Arban, Jean-Baptiste (Pichaureau)

    Characteristic Etudes (7) (Pichaureau) [includes piano part]

    These 7 Characteristic Etudes are taken from the Complete Conservatory Method for Trumpet, but are presented here with piano accompaniment by Claude Pichaureau. Since it is so easy to view technical etudes purely as a series of skill-building "hurdles" for the advanced player, this tasteful accompaniment reveals the harmonic progression, provides some rhythmic stability, and certainly encourages the soloist to focus upon musical opportunities such as phrasing, dynamics, etc.

    These etudes are to provide challenges relative to endurance and facility. Focuses upon finger technique, lip slurs, and single tonguing in fast technical etudes which are based on scalar, chromatic, and arpeggiated technical challenges. Variety of key signatures up to 5 sharps/4 flats. 19 pages. -pc

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