Kaminski, Josef Concertino

Trumpet Solos w/Piano

  • Kaminski, Josef


    20th Century (1941). A lesser-known work for trumpet in three distinctively contrasting movements. The first movement entitled " Un Poco Vivaldi" is indeed based on a "Vivaldian" themes, but quickly departs via modulation, metrical shifts and takes off in new directions (initially this is somewhat comical). Light & rapid single tonguing (or double tonguing at a more aggressive tempo) is necessary. The middle movement entitled "Improvisation" is quite transparent and features a cadenza-like feel throughout. Final movement is a Tarantella in 6/8 with frequent rapid, slurred scale-wise passages. Piano accompaniment provides a colorful support to this unusual concertino. -pc

    (solo - mvt. I)
    (solo - mvt. II)
    (solo - mvt. III)
    (piano score - mvt. I)
    (piano score - mvt. II)
    (piano score - mvt. III)

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