Ropartz, Guy (Mager/Andraud) Andante & Allegro

Trumpet Solos w/Piano

  • Ropartz, Guy (Mager/Andraud)

    Andante & Allegro (Mager/Andraud)

    Southern Music Company edition. A popular solo for the intermediate trumpet player by French composer Joseph Guy Ropartz (1864 - 1955). This piece begins softly and dramatically in C minor (concert key) and is a good work in which to focus upon air flowin a legato style. The allegro section has a rejoicing quality and does require the performer to occasionally play up above the staff to A and Bb. Students will enjoy playing this piece with piano which provides a solid, rich and often powerful accompaniment. NYSSMA lists this work as a level 5, but the moderate range, moderate technical demands, repetitive rhythms and melodies makes this work playable by later intermediate players. -pc

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