Gillingham, David When Speaks the Signal-Trumpet Tone

Trumpet Solos w/Concert Band

  • Gillingham, David

    When Speaks the Signal-Trumpet Tone [solo trumpet feature]

    Commissioned by the University of Georgia Bands, and premiered by them with Fred Mills (Canadian Brass) trumpet soloist. Program Notes: The three movements are continuous without pause. Movement I, "When stride the warriors of the storm" begins with a slow introductory section featuring undulating thirds in the winds, various percussion colors and rather militaristic motivic material coupled with the metallic articulations of the hi-hat. A contrasting secondary theme balances the movement with longing expressiveness which perhaps is suggestive of the homesickness of the G.I. alone on the foreign battlefield. "By angel hands to valor given," the second movement, begins with a snare drum roll followed by the solemn tom-toms. The movement is designed to evoke the image of a funeral procession to a military cemetery for the burial of a fallen comrade. Solo flugelhorn aptly shapes the melodic dirge. Toward the end of the movement a sweet, yet mournful melody emerges eulogizing the fallen comrade and signifying that he is "home" again. The final movement, "Shall thy proud stars resplendent shine" should evoke feelings of joy, victory and patriotism. The ascending pentachords in the solo piccolo trumpet with the four-note motive comprised of a perfect fifth followed by a descending second are the basis for most of the melodic material of the movement. Contrasting this main thematic material in a sort of rondo-like structure is a chorale, heard only by the wind orchestra throughout the movement, which hopefully carries all the emotion and glory of victory. —David R. Gillingham
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