Buss, Howard Commemoration

Trumpet Solos - Unaccompanied

  • Buss, Howard


    20th Century (1989). A musical tribute to the countless musicians who have contributed to the art of trumpet playing over the centuries. The musical essence of this work is a synthesis of traditional and new trumpet performance techniques. This combination of the old and new is a musical representation of the debt contemporary trumpeters owe to their counterparts in past generations. In sections of Commemoration the trumpet is performed in the traditional manner, indeed, there are a number of quotes from famous trumpet masterpieces of the past. At one point the performer is asked to sing (using the syllable "ah") a portion of the well known Trumpet Voluntary by Jeremiah Clarke while simultaneously sustaining a note on the instrument and usinga plunger mute. The effect is truly mystical and becomes a musical synthesis of the past and present. In other sections the trumpet is used as a synthesizer, capable of producing a wide array of timbres and effects. Short quotes from the literature are embedded in this intriguing work which also includes messages expressed by pitch serialism and Morse code. The score includes detailed performance directions as well as a helpful explanation of the coded (serial) sections. “A must for the advanced performer. “- ITG Journal (6’30) -the publisher

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