Friedman, Stanley Sidewinder

Trumpet Solos - Unaccompanied

  • Friedman, Stanley


    21st Century (2004). SideWinder, while challenging the performer's interpretive abilities, makes modest demands on stamina, range and agility. The music is intended for recital and jury performance and may serve as a "breather" between more strenuous compositions. A sidewinder is a species of rattlesnake common in the North American Southwest. Sidewinder is also a slang term for a rotary-valved trumpet. - the composer. This unique work features distinctive trills and tremolos which depict the rattle of the snake. Melodic path gradually ascends and descends with intricate rhythms and chromatic movement. The build to the aggressive marcato statements in the low registerseems to suggest the fatal bite of the snake. The range lay between low F# and E on the fourth space although the last measure features a gradual extended slide from low F# to low F natural using the valve slides to lower the pitch. Duration: 2:30 minutes -pc

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