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    Relaxation Techniques, v.1-3 Complete

    Relaxation Techniques consists of a series of Yoga-like exercises designed for advanced and professional trumpeters who feel the need to improve tone quality, range, and endurance. These exercises serve to increase strength and eliminate tensions, thus developing greater efficiency in the use of the lips and breathing muscles. This book contains detailed instructions on how to practice each exercise, with particular attention to tempo, dynamics, articulation, breath control, mental attitude, and the amount of rest to be taken between exercises. -the composer.

    These relaxation exercises incorporate: lip buzzing, combinations of long tones and staccato notes, practicing "at the end of the breath," slow and silent intake of breath, breath slurs, double and triple tonguing (isolating the "T" and "K" syllables),scale exercises, wide intervals, and dynamic contrast which is an important aspect of this method of relaxation technique. The text included is indeed very detailed and comprehensive in guiding the student. 54 pages. Comb bound. -pc

    New York born performer John Glasel studied trumpet with Roger Voisin, William Vacchiano, Carmine Caruso, and Maurice Grupp (upon whose teachings Relaxation Techniques is based). Glasel is one of the founding members of the New York Brass Quintet and has played with many well-known artists such as Frank Sinatra, Benny Goodman, Woody Herman, and many others.

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