Webster, Gerald Method for Piccolo Trumpet, v.2

Piccolo Trumpet Studies & Etudes

  • Webster, Gerald

    Method for Piccolo Trumpet, v.2

    Includes detailed text regarding: The Musical Elements of Renaissance and Baroque Performance Style; Melodic Ornamentation During the Late Renaissance Period; Baroque Perceptions (attitudes about musical expression, notational shortcomings, timbre, tempo, rubato, rhythm, dynamics, and articulation); Elements of Period Ornamentation (trill, half-trill, appoggiatura, mordent, the turn, the slide, anacrusis, importance of silence, accents, tremolo, vibrato, the cadenza); Regional Differences in Ornamentation Practices (Italian, French, German, English). Also included are 33 etudes for piccolo trumpet based on the flute book of J.J. Quantz and Frederick the Great, and 17 duets from the German, English and French Schools. Duets included: DI LASSO: Fantasia; SCHEIDT: Bicinia; TELEMANN: Chorale Prelude "Alle Menschen Mussen Sterben"; MOZART: Alla Breve; Adagio; JENKINS: Allegro; Lady Kathy Audley's Bells; ALCOCK: Gavotte; Alman; Siciliana; BLAVET: Air; Menuet d'Handel; Rondeau; MOURET: Allegro; Air; Passepied; Marche. 60 pages. -pc

    Performer, educator, and author Gerard B Webster has over 30 brass publications and has taught at Western Illinois University, Washington Sate University, and Portland State University. -pc

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