Bach, Johann Sebastian (Tarr & Uwe) Bach for Brass, v.3 - Latin Church Music & Oratorios

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  • Bach, Johann Sebastian (Tarr & Uwe)

    Bach for Brass, v.3 - Latin Church Music & Oratorios (Tarr & Uwe)

    Bach for Brass contains Bach's complete brass parts in seven volumes, set in generously engraved short scores designed for practical performance. The parts include measure numbers, helpful cues, timpani parts if applicable, as well as the most important information concerning origins, original instrument names in the sources, and much more. An instructive foreword in English and facsimiles complete the picture. These volumes, prepared by experienced musicologists and performers for the first time from the original scores and parts, aim to provide today's musicians striving for an authentic interpretation of Bach's works with reliable material for study, instruction, and concert performance. -the publisher

    •  Mass in Bm, BWV 232
    •  Sanctus in D, BWV 232 (II)
    •  Sanctus in C, BWV 237
    •  Sanctus in D, BWV 238
    •  Magnificat in D, BWV 243
    •  Magnificat in Eb, BWV 243A
    •  Christmas Oratorio, BWV 248
    •  Easter Oratorio, BWV 249
    •  Ascension Oratorio, BWV 11

    Special features of the new edition:

    • Notation of the brass parts in short score with timpani
    • Cue notes, bar numbers, practical page turns
    • Indication of vocal and thematic entrances
    • Singing text set to the music at thematic entrances and in Colla-parte-passages as an aid to achieving a musically meaningful articulation
    • The edition has been prepared through a new study of the primary source(s)
    • Important information concerning individual works.
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