Vacchiano, William Orchestral Rhythms

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  • Vacchiano, William

    Orchestral Rhythms

    These studies are intended to acquaint the student with different meters, both modern and ancient. Since the orchestral player is rarely required to play more than thirty-two bars at any one time, I have presented this book in the form of short orchestral excerpts,. I have also demonstrated that many of the passages can be written in different meters, and how it can be done. It is my objective that this compilation of rhythmical excerpts will be of help to the student aspiring to a career in asymphony orchestra. - William Vacchiano (NY Philharmonic Orchestra and Julliard School.

    Both simple and complex rhythms in the following time signatures: 2/2-5/2, 2/4-12/4, 2/8-12/8, 3/16-5/16, etc. Variety of key signatures and styles. 48 pages. -pc

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