Davis, Michael & Shari Feder Brass Buzz, w/CD & DVD Accompaniment

Trumpet Beginner Methods

  • Davis, Michael & Shari Feder

    Brass Buzz, w/CD & DVD Accompaniment

    Brass Buzz gives you everything you need to start playing like a pro. It's the total package! Brass Buzz comes complete with an unbelievably cool DVD and a mega-fun play-along CD. Leading educators and brass professionals alike are already calling Brass Buzz the absolute best book/CD/DVD available. From important brass fundamentals to essential elements of good musicianship, Brass Buzz will get you fired up about playing your instrument and do it in a way that is TOTALLY FUN! Available for trumpet, horn, trombone & tuba. 44 pages with CD and DVD. - the publisher

    Contains a fingering chart, brief text and short basic exercises regarding matching tones, whole note warm-ups, basic tonguing, air support, lip slurs, major scales, triads, range building, ear training, introduction to improvisation. Designed to introduce basic concepts with an exciting background recordings and visuals to help maintain interest in practicing technical exercises that can be rather tedious in isolation. The recordings provide professional demonstrations of basic concepts and also give the student a sense of playing with a variety of accompaniments such as a symphony orchestra, jazz ensemble, rock band, rhythm section and more. Davis and Feder use helpful visual analogies to help the students understand important concepts. -pc

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