Reger, Wayne M. Talking Trumpet, The

Trumpet Beginner Methods

  • Reger, Wayne M.

    Talking Trumpet, The

    Wayne M. Reger gives us the very basics of good trumpet playing taught through 26 brief exercises and explained by cartoons with eye catching, clever captions. Often used by college trumpet methods courses. Topics include: mouthpiece buzzing, breath attack, proper articulation, breathing, arpeggio exercises up to 5 sharps/6 flats; wide interval slurring; vibrato; intonation; tongue position; rapid tonguing. Helpful phrases included throughout to guide the student. Cartoons are drawn by Clyde E. (Bud) Morris of Akron, Ohio. This unusual method could be helpful to elementary,intermediate, and advanced players. l25 pages. -cdp/pc
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