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Trombone Quartets

  • Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus

    X Rated Mozart

    Bass and treble clef parts included. Score & parts.

    Mozart is recognised as one of the greatest composers in history, having penned a collection of sublime masterpieces known and beloved throughout the world. He also had his naughty side and thus two not quite so sublime, yet nonetheless lovely songs are less well known to the public due to their bawdy lyrics. Originally intended most likely as pub songs for his friends to be sung as rounds, what could be more appropriate for trombonists - or other similar-minded instrumentalists?! - the publisher.

    1. Bona Nox! Bist a Rechta Ox, K.551 2. L*** Mir den **** Fein Recht Schoen Sauber, K.233/382d.

    (score sample pages)

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