Bordogni, Marco (Heading) Bordogni Suite

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  • Bordogni, Marco (Heading)

    Bordogni Suite (Heading) [003.01 or 004.00]

    For three trombones & tuba, but can be adapted for use by trombone quartet with a facile bass trombonist and a few edits to the tuba part. Score & parts. -cdp

    The vocalises of Marco Bordogni are a staple for trombonists and tubists world-wide, and this suite was borne from a desire to play them with my section in a format other than in octaves. To that end, I conceived the idea of arranging these exercises so that all the members of the section got the chance to play the melody as well as counter-melodies and harmonies. Similarly, the harmonies I have used are not really the ones that you might expect; rather, I have made them a little more interesting than the standard chords I and V. Thus, to perform this music well, the section must really work hard on sound, balance, intonation and rhythm - all of which will make your section sound awesome! -the publisher

    (score samples)

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