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    Trumpet Valve Wrap

    The NEOTECH Brass Wrap is the ideal accessory for those in marching bands or performers playing in a long gig. The neoprene Brass Wrap fits snugly on the instrument so that you get a firm and comfortable grip while protecting the instrument's finish frommoisture and oils in the hand. The non-slip backing keeps it securely in place while the touch fasteners allow for quick and easy removal for cleaning the instrument. The Brass Wrap can be washed in mild detergent and laid flat to dry. You no longer needto deal with smelly leather wraps that get slimy when your hand perspires making it even more difficult to effectively grip your instrument. The ultra-comfortable pad reduces grip fatigue and makes playing for long periods a pleasure, not a pain. Brass Wrap insulates your hand in both cold and hot weather while protecting against moisture so that you're always assured a secure grip. This unique wrap keeps your instrument's tone pure and your grip happy.
    •  Ultra-comfortable padding makes long sessions easier
    •  Stretches to fit your instrument
    •  Touch fasteners allow for quick on-and-off
    •  Fits most trumpets & cornets.
    •  Made in the USA
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