Best Brass E-Brass IV Trumpet Practice/Warm-Up Mute System

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  • Best Brass E-Brass IV

    Trumpet Practice/Warm-Up Mute System

    The e-Brass IV reduces instrument output to a whisper, lowering volume approximately -30dB to -35dB. With its amazing quietness, you don't have to worry about disturbing the neighbors and also can enjoy playing the instrument without feeling self-conscious about other people listening. Using the e-Brass is just like playing in a completely portable and personal studio where nobody can bother you.

    Besides perfect pitch and less back pressure in all registers, e-Brass IV achieves a very natural air flow like an open instrument. These leading features were created by carrying out a through investigation of the ideal acoustical design of something wecall the total "Instrument", comprising a horn, a mouthpiece, and finally the mute. This original design approach allows the e-Brass' to be a part of the instrument and also allows for the instrument to resonate naturally while competing practice/silent mutes just kill the sound. Further, as the instrument is still resonating with the mute, the headphones allow the listener a more pure sound without any unnecessary electronic controls.

    One of the big differences between e-Brass and other general e-mutes is that the electronic circuit is set inside the mute. With this built-in structure, e-Brass has much less of a hassle in the preparation and only needs headphones to play. But, despitethis, e-Brass is made up to 40% lighter than other e-mutes. In fact, even e-Brass Horn weighs less than most smart phones, so you won't feel like the bell is being weighed down or worried about dropping the mute. With this incredible lightness, e-Brass enables enough stamina for focused practice or ease in any performance situation. - the manufacturer

    •  Weight: 2.9 ounces (82g)
    •  Size: (3.15 x 4.92 inches) 8cm x 12.5cm

    Best Brass Trumpet Practice/Warm-Up Mute System

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