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Trumpet Practice Mutes

  • Bremner sshhmute A8

    Trumpet Whisper Mute

    The Whisper mute is an "on-stage" mute for trumpet. Not quite a practice mute (though it can be used as such), the Whisper mute is designed for actual performances when the player is asked to play extremely softly. The Whisper mute produces a tone similar to a straight mute, but at a lesser volume. Think of it as a half-way point between a straight mute and a practice mute. Similar to turning down the volume on a radio - the sound is the same, only less. Unlike a practice mute, the tone on this mute is unmuffled, clearer and has more presence. Like a practice mute, all the air passes through the mute and exits via a half inch opening on the end.

    Bremner Trumpet Practice Mute

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