Best Brass Trumpet Practice/Warm-Up Mute - aluminum

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    Trumpet Practice/Warm-Up Mute - aluminum

    Recognized as one of the best practice/warm-up mutes on the market. Its compact design fits nearly flush with the bell flare, allowing it to be kept in the bell when the horn is packed away in most bags and cases. Designed by Shinji Hamanaga, formerly with Yamaha.

    New revised 2012 model now features a "more open blow" according to the manufacturer. The body is slightly wider and more flared at the end. The mute still fits in the bell for storage as did the original design.

    Specific Advantages and Features:  • Lightweight. Lighter than other practice mutes.  • Can be stored in most bells for travel.  • Good intonation and airflow.

    Best Brass Trumpet Practice/Warmup Mute - aluminum

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