Best Brass WarmUp Nano Practice Mute & Mouthpiece Tool

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  • Best Brass WarmUp Nano

    Practice Mute & Mouthpiece Tool

    As featured at the 2017 International Trumpet Guild held in Hershey, PA.

    The Warmup Nano is a small gasket lined unit that inserts into the stem opening on your existing Harmon* mute. Remove the stem, and insert the Nano in the hole for an instant practice mute. The performance is impressive, and was praised by everyone who tried it at ITG. It adds little to no back-pressure to your Harmon, and really cuts down on the volume. As an added bonus, the WamUp Nano can be used as a mouthpiece buzz resistance piece. Insert your mouthpiece into the small end of the Nano for use as a mouthpiece practice tool. The Nano provides just enough resistance to your mouthpiece to make it feel more like the horn is attached. Includes a small tether so that you can attach the Nano to your case, mute bag or keychain when not in use. Weighs under an ounce (just 22 grams).

    * Fits Harmon and all other brands of wah-wah (bubble) mutes as far as we can tell, including those by Denis Wick, Jo-Ral and Humes & Berg.

    Best Brass Practice Mute & Mouthpiece Tool

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