Aria R1 Brio Music Stand Light, LED

Music Stand Lighting

  • Aria R1 Brio

    Music Stand Light, LED

    Play music anywhere and anytime with the Aria Brio rechargable music stand light (that can also be plugged-in for battery-free operation). Perfect for gigging indoors or out, stages, pits or chamber music, the Ario Brio delivers bright, consistent light across a full-sized score. Features include:
    •  14-inch wide light ensures that even the largest parts are completely illuminated.
    •  Environmentally friendly LED lighting consumes less than 4 watts of power.
    •  Provides 3.5 hours of light on full brightness and 15 hours of light on half brightness.
    •  Switch with full-range dimmer.
    •  Maintenance free - no bulbs to replace.
    •  Replaceable NiMH battery.
    •  Status LED indicates charge level, low-battery warnings and charge status.
    •  Can be plugged-in using the included power cords to eliminate battery worries.
    •  Cool operation.
    •  Clears all music folders, as well as 13 inch tall parts.
    •  Reduces glare for the conductor and audience.
    •  Spring loaded clips fit all sold-desk stands, including Manhasset, Wenger and Hamilton.
    •  Includes 120/240v power supply.
    •  Includes 6 foot (2 meter) power cord.
    •  Includes 6 foot (2 meter) extension cord.
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