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  • Monette Prana B1-4 S6 Slap

    Trumpet Mouthpiece

    This new model is designed for orchestral trumpet playing with a vengeance! It has the widest inside rim diameter of any standard Monette mouthpiece, with a very aggressive "SLAP" cup. The wide inside rim diameter helps the player produce a wide, full sound, and the unique cup shape helps the player "spin" the sound at all dynamic levels. The rim contour is between the B1-2 and B1-5M - but closer to the sharper B1-2. Fantastic for all orchestral playing, and very easy in the upper register. Dave Monette made dozens of early versions of this mouthpiece before he settled on this final design. Designed for Manny Laureano, principal trumpet of the Minnesota Orchestra. - the manufacturer


    •  Cup Style: Slap
    •  Outside Rim Diameter: 1.080 inches (27.432mm)
    •  Outside Rim Contour: sharp
    •  Rim Highpoint Diameter: 0.830 inches (21.08mm)
    •  Inside Rim Diameter: 0.677 inches (17.19mm)
    •  Inside Rim Contour: sharp
    •  Relative Cup Depth: 6.5 (out of 10)
    •  Size Comparison: Bach 1C
    •  Finish: matte gold plate

    Blank Weight This model is available in one of three weights. Please specify weight when ordering (use the Comments box during Checkout to do so). If no weight is specified, we will send you the most popular STC-1 heavy blank. All descriptions areby the manufacturer.

    • XLT - Lightest blank. Designed mainly for lead playing. Brightest sounding model with the easiest upper register. Easiest to hear behind the instrument.
    • LT - Medium (standard) weight blank. Popular with big band and Broadway show players. Heavy enough to help a lead player sound clean and full, while still allowing a brilliant and exciting upper register.
    • STC-1 - Heaviest blank. Introduced in 1987, this is the most popular with classical and jazz players. The extra weight and quality of metal allows the player's sound to be thick, rich and full, while still retaining brilliance and sparkle at all dynamics. Locked in, secure response makes performance easier in stressful playing conditions.

    Instrument Key Monette Prana mouthpieces are custom tailored to the key of the instrument they are intended for. A mouthpiece intended for a B-flat instrument should not be used in a C, etc.. Using the correct keyed mouthpiece is an important partof the Monette philosophy. Specify your instrument's key when ordering (use the Comments box during Checkout to do so). If key is not specified, we will send you a B-flat mouthpiece. Instrument keys available include B-flat, C, D, and E-Flat. In addition, models are available for Cornet, B-flat Piccolo, A Piccolo, G Piccolo & Flugelhorn.

    Monette Trumpet Mouthpiece

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