Best Brass Groove Series 9C Kai Trumpet Mouthpiece - gold

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  • Best Brass Groove Series 9C Kai

    Trumpet Mouthpiece - gold

    The Kai series Groove mouthpieces from Best Brass feature a completely new cup design. Best Brass calls this new development an "Accelerator." Along with the unique groove structure in the throat, which assists the vibration of the lips in all registers,the Accelerator produces this effect specifically in high registers and will literally accelerate the vibration, allowing the player to easily add up to a fifth to their range,* all while keeping the rich sound and rim comfort of our C cup. Whether you currently play Best Brass mouthpieces or not, you're going to want to give Kai a try!

    * Best Brass notes that some players were unable to adapt to this unorthodox design, but about three out of four were able to add significantly to their high register. The result was quite surprising even to them! -the manufacturer/cdp

    •  Cup Diameter: 15.95mm
    •  Cup: medium, with Accelerator
    •  Throat: #25 (3.78mm), grooved
    •  Backbore: M
    •  Rim Width: 5.823mm
    •  Rim Contour: flat
    •  Rim Top Balance: 43%
    •  Rim Bite: fairly sharp
    •  Similar to: Bach 10.5D (but slightly smaller)

    Best Brass Trumpet Mouthpiece - gold

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