Best Brass Groove Series 9D Trumpet Mouthpiece - silver

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  • Best Brass Groove Series 9D

    Trumpet Mouthpiece - silver

    The Groove Series mouthpieces by Best Brass offer a unique design in that they feature a series of slight grooves milled into the throat. Best Brass named this concept "The Groove," which generates slight resistance, assisting the vibration of the lips. Though "resistance" may sound like a bad thing, this will actually achieve a smoother blow and larger sound because lips vibrate more efficiently when the air encounters resistance.

    If 9E is too shallow, try this model. Not only does it produces a bright and sharp high register but also easy-low registers. -the manufacturer

    •  Cup Diameter: 15.95mm
    •  Cup: mildly shallow
    •  Throat: #25 (3.78mm)
    •  Backbore: M
    •  Rim Width: 5.823mm
    •  Rim Contour: flat
    •  Rim Top Balance: 43%
    •  Rim Bite: fairly sharp
    •  Similar to: Bach 10.5D (but slightly smaller)

    Best Brass Trumpet Mouthpiece - silver

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