Best Brass Groove Series 5X Trumpet Mouthpiece - silver

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  • Best Brass Groove Series 5X

    Trumpet Mouthpiece - silver

    The Groove Series mouthpieces by Best Brass offer a unique design in that they feature a series of slight grooves milled into the throat. Best Brass named this concept "The Groove," which generates slight resistance, assisting the vibration of the lips. Though "resistance" may sound like a bad thing, this will actually achieve a smoother blow and larger sound because lips vibrate more efficiently when the air encounters resistance.

    Cup of flugelhorn is adopted, so can produces mellow sound like flugelhorn with trumpet. The rim diameter is medium in the X line. -the manufacturer

    •  Cup Diameter: 16.55mm
    •  Cup: very deep
    •  Throat: #16 (4.50mm)
    •  Backbore: X
    •  Rim Width: 5.823mm
    •  Rim Contour: flat
    •  Rim Top Balance: 43%
    •  Rim Bite: fairly sharp

    Best Brass Trumpet Mouthpiece - silver

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