Bach Symphonic 1.5C Trumpet Mouthpiece w/24 Backbore & 24 Throat

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  • Bach Symphonic 1.5C

    Trumpet Mouthpiece w/24 Backbore & 24 Throat

    Bach's Symphonic trumpet mouthpieces use the standard Classic series cup designs but opens up the throat and backbore a little to aid the player in achieveing a bigger, stronger sound. Having these modifications done at the time of manufacture, using precise designs and under controlled conditions, negates the the need to have a standard mouthpiece reamed out by hand, which can create inconsistencies in playability and tone. All of the Symphonic series mouthpieces feature the larger number 24 backbore. Each cup size is available with 4 different options for throats ranging from the 22 to very large 26. Symphonic Series mouthpieces are completely made on CNC machines creating a precise mouthpiece every time. - the manufacturer/cdp

    General Specifications:

    •  Produces a scintillating, warm tone of large volume.
    •  For players with a well trained embouchure.
    •  Comfortable rim contour.
    •  17.0mm diameter cup
    •  Medium cup depth
    •  Medium-wide/not too sharp rim.
    •  24 backbore
    •  24 throat

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