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    Trumpet Mouthpiece

    For many years, manufacturers and individuals have produced copies of old New York and Mount Vernon Vincent Bach mouthpieces. The idea was to replicate early designs that featured slightly different internal geometries than those of their modern counterparts, designs that were no longer available from Bach. In the brass community, there has long been an affinity for these early models, and many players have written accolades about performance improvements gained by using them. Now, Bach has goneback into the vaults and reproduced these famous designs direct from blueprints and hand picked reserve models set aside by Vincent Bach himself. Try one today on our 10 day Mouthpiece Trial program. Specific features:
    • Internal dimensions replicate "cherry" models set aside by Vincent Bach himself.
    • Exterior design is similar to 1920's era New York Bach designs.
    • Reproduced on computer numeric controlled (CNC) equipment for exactness to plan and consistency of production.
    • Made in the United States.
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