Marcus Bonna 02/2RN Trumpet Case, Double Rotary - leather cover

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  • Marcus Bonna 02/2RN

    Trumpet Case, Double Rotary - leather cover

    This hard case is user-configurable with to hold a pair of your Bb, C, D, Eb, or F rotary valve trumpets, or one rotary and one piston trumpet, safely and securely. With a curved divider running down the middle, there is no chance for the horns to collide with one another. Velcro-backed foam pillows and foam blocks are supplied so you can set up the case to perfectly cradle your instruments. Also inside is room for some small accessories and a removable mouthpiece carrier for two mouthpieces. On the outside is a large zippered pocket that runs the length and width of one side of the case, handy for carrying your music and scores. Features include:

    •  Strong and lightweight fiberglass shell
    •  Durable full grain leather cover
    •  Shown in black. Other colors available on special order.
    •  Zipper enclosure
    •  Mouthpiece carrier (holds 2 mouthpieces)
    •  Small interior padded zipper accessory pouch
    •  1 internal accessory compartment
    •  1 large zippered exterior accessory pouch
    •  1 shoulder strap
    •  2 backpack straps
    •  2 handles (1 pair on top, 1 at the tail)
    •  Velcro-backed pads for customization
    •  Velcro-backed foam blocks for customization
    •  8 steel feet
    •  2 strap cleats
    •  Dimensions (inches): TBA (approx 22 x 9 H x 9 W)
    •  Dimensions (metric): TBA (approx 56cm x 23 H x 23 W)
    •  Weight: TBA (approx 6.8 pounds / 3.09 kg)

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